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Garlic Bread $7.50
Soup of The Day $10.50
Sharing plate – Tzatziki, Hummus, grilled chorizo, kalamata olives and toasted pita bread $16
Paprika calamari, Chipotle aioli & fresh lime $8 GF
Tostadas – Black bean & Corn $8
Singapore Chilli Prawns – $ 10
Croquettes – Ham Hock & Corn $8

Chinese BBQ Pork Belly – Sticky slabs of char siu marinated pork belly served on a Singapore noodle and vegetable stir fry. $25 (without pork (V) $2 3)

Oven Baked Barramundi – Served on a parmesan and chive potato roesti with sautéed spinach and a lemon butter sauce. $26.50 (GF)

Arancini – Roasted Pumpkin, goat’s cheese and Chilli risotto cake’s served with a petite candied pecan, pear & water cress salad & aioli $23 (V)

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank – served with creamy mashed potato, sweet potato crisps and a rich red wine and vegetable sauce. $27

Seafood Marinara – Mussels, Prawns, Calamari & Scallops pan fried and tossed with linguine in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce. $26.50

Chicken Breast – Breast fillet stuffed with pork & fennel sausage, served with smashed kiphler potatoes, braised leeks and drizzled with cranberry jus. $26.50 (GF)

Lamb & Potato Curry – Tender lamb pieces slowly cooked in an aromatic curry sauce, served with steamed rice, pickled cucumber, coconut Chilli sambal and tzatziki $25 (GF)

Paprika Salted. Calamari – Crispy strips of calamari dusted with a smoked paprika salt and
served on a salad of cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum, kalamata olives & chorizo $23 (GF)

Golden Ale Battered Flake – Tartare sauce, chips, salad or vegetables $25 (GF Grilled)

Chicken Parmigiana – Crumbed chicken breast schnitzel topped with house made Napoli, Virginian ham and mozzarella cheese. $24.00

Scotch Fillet Steak 3oog – With smoky potato bravas and sautéed broccolini, your choice of Garlic Butter (GF), Mustard Butter(GF), Mushroom, Creamy Pepper sauce(GF) or Red wine jus(GF) $33.00